Staff Development

We invest significant amounts of time and resources into the professional development and training of all our staff. Before each architectural and structural newcomer starts work on a project, they undergo a demanding 4 week training programme, with learning units ranging from our Quality Management Systems, to specific international design standards and construction practices. Only after a final assessment are they placed within an operational team to begin their career at Atlas.

We continuously measure our capabilities, ensuring that all staff receive regular customised training to align their skills with the needs of a specific client or project and to keep up to date with industry standards.

In addition to our technical and software training, we develop the wider skills of each staff level from team member to management within a structured English Language programme and a comprehensive 12 month management and business skills course.

Our dedicated team of language, technical and soft skills trainers based in the operations centre in Saigon are committed to supporting every member of staff with their continuous personal development, and delivering the training needed to ensure that Atlas delivers the best service to our clients time and time again.

Not only does Atlas nurture a culture of learning within the training department, but we also provide a service as Vietnam’s first and only Autodesk Authorised Training Centre.

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